Group Disability Insurance

If you became too ill or injured to work, could you afford daily living expenses like food, gas, and house payments? CSEA-Sponsored Group Disability Insurance can help ease your financial burden should you become disabled—whether it happens on or off the job.

Plan Highlights

  • Competitive group rates*
  • Benefits can be combined with workers' compensation, sick time, and any other insurance you may have
  • Covers both sickness and accidents that occur on or off the job
  • Convenient payroll deduction option—so you never miss a payment
  • Coverage amounts up to $3,000 available (salary requirements apply)

*Contact your insurance representative for rates.

Plan Details

If you need to file a claim for a covered sickness or injury, the cash benefits you'll receive can be spent however you want. It can help pay for things like your household expenses, car, and/or groceries  You will receive added protection for what's important to you, at a time when you need it most.

I had major surgery and was off work 10 weeks; it helped me keep my bills on track so all I had to worry about was my recovery...For the little bit of money it cost, it was well worth it when I needed it.

—Laura Thomson

Did You Know?

Most New York State public sector employees are not covered under an employee-sponsored disability insurance plan. Help ensure your paycheck is protected with CSEA-Endorsed Group Disability Insurance.  Click here for more information.